show me what you want to say

Taking inspiration from W.E.B. Du Bois’s hand-drawn charts on the state of Black life, Curbeon creates prompts to map the emotional landscapes of Black femmes in her community with an instructive, participatory, and meditative workbook.

Show Me What You want to Say employs social practice techniques and data collection tools to surface and embrace the complex inner worlds of its subjects, offering an innovative and interdisciplinary alternative to conveying a personal narrative that is at once direct, welcoming, and untethered to any single methodology or school of thought.

Author: Issachar Curbeon
Publisher: Este Archives
Graphic Design: Shraddha Kutty
Photography: Katina Alexopolus

For this project I worked as a graphic designer to create illustrations and diagrams with Issachar’s direction.

Palmistry: Speak it into Existence
Palmistry delineates prophecies (hopes, wishes and desires) in four areas of life: self image, sensuality, community and joy. This chart re-presents the existential questions: What do you need more of in your life? What is missing? What would you like to call in to your life?

Dendrochronology: How many years have you been…?
Dendrochronology catalogues emotional journeys. Each Black femme was asked to calculate how long they had been healing, thriving and rebuilding and color the rings of a tree accordingly.

Photo by: Katina Alexopolus

Photo by: Katina Alexopolus

Photo by: Katina Alexopolus