Homegrown, 2015 by Admin

Voice of tha People, 2015 by Ankur Johar

Times of India, 2015 by Ayesha Venkatraman

Fashion School Daily, 2015 by Namrata Loka

Rolling Stones, 2014 by Ankur Johar

Red Bull India, 2013 by NH7

Youth Incorporated, 2012 by YI Writer

The Indian Express, 2012 by Somya Lakhani

The Indian Express, 2011 by Shruti Nambiar

Hindustan Times, 2011 by Sneeha Nair

Desi Hip Hop, 2011 by Priya Lisa Gonsalves


Wearable Technology: Assistive device for people with visual impairments, 2016 by Shraddha Kutty, Arpita Bhagwat, Ryu Wakabayashi, Shoko Goy, Riti Mishra

Brand Development: Ted Baker, 2015 with Shraddha Kutty, Vivi Wang, Chia Wen Hsu & Yuefei Zhang